U.S.Corst Guard 44feet LifeBoat Model@-01-
The mechanism for a run. For Aim at pleasant operation!
I am thinkinng to use the rudder prop.unit of a tugboat, seeing the tail gear of a helicopter always.
The prevalent type helicopter of 1990 age 30 class is put on the market, and the unit can come now to hand cheaply.
It is the product made from resin to which a gear does not rust, either. There is no hand which this does not use.
The ship by which Mr. Tomioka of similar tastes can go astern was manufactured in 1998.
The gear unit(in the Mr.Tomioka's model Ship)of the engine car of [KYOSHO co.]is used.
The gear unit is named [ QRC unit] coming to hand instantly.

click then Detailed explanation(English)
The QRC unit, right and an inversion are changed.
It is a gear unit for model engine.
This unit cannot change speed.

QRC unit is put in order in parallel and it has tied by the counter gear.
Although right and left are reversed. Since right and left of a props are a reverse pitch .So,Consistency is correct.

Engine and the motor are located in a line with the input axis of a unit with sufficient relations.

Each other axis does not carry out power interference. An engine side is a centrifugal clutch and only the fixed direction is isolated by the motor side at one-way bearing.
The timing belt of big brown is a belt for an engine start.
Radder prop unit.
A screw is also a product made from DUMAS. Right reverse pair.
The aluminum plate which is visible to ship's-bottom back is a flap for attitude control.
Now Real car (motor and engine hybrid car) have become the center of attention.
If the axis of DC motor is rotated Since it becomes a dynamo whatever the efficiency.
( If this oneway Rotation unit is fixed,). It can generate electricity with the output of engine.
@It is a perfect hybrid, if voltage is raised in a voltage upper circuit and it returns to a battery.

@It It is gentle to earth environment!-----?? It is a question which is effective by the model...