U.S.Corst Guard 44feet LifeBoat Model@-03-
Water-cooled Pump

In order to cool engine, it is necessary to send water.
Usual R / C engine boat do not suspend a ship during engine rotation.
The purpose is answered, if a siphon is installed immediately after it, since the screw is always rotate.

The ship which can stop during engine running. needs to send water with a pump.
Slide feather type
This model fits the liquids (fuel etc.) containing lubricating oil very much, and although it can miniaturize, if water is turned, it will break by wear in about 10minutes.

Slide feather type
Diagram type
original in order to send water -- a diagram type and a water wheel -- although type is suitable
Order movement is likely to be required for a diagram type. and neither reverse Valve nor rubber is likely to have durability.

Diagram type
Water wheel type
although type is in the tanks of a goldfish.
But Water pressure is weak .

water wheel type
Gear type
Although it is unlikely to have for a long time, by this, there are also nothings and it has ended with the liquid [ this ] without lubricating oil now.
After the run is turning oil.

I feel that there is too much amount of water
If engine gets cold too much, rotation will not go up it.
Is it necessary to attach and carry out bypass machining of the adjustment valve?

gear type

If a pump is installed below a waterline.
Water is sent without a trigger water.