Igura-no-Yakata, literally Residential Warehouse, is the nickname given for Former
Nakagawa Residence, which was given to the public by the Nakagawa family in 2004.The
main house was originally built in 1884 (Meiji 17), and was repaired and reinforcedagainst
tremors and the whole estate was reborn as a cultural site of Ajisu.Some old residents
around Ajisu remember they were walking by the white walled old houses in their younger
days when they visited the area by the seashore and may have had learned about the
history of those houses at that time. Up to the present time the area has been sparsely
populated but a historic town with white walled Igura-zukuri still remains, telling us of its
prosperity in the past. Former Nakagawa Residence is the most representative of those


The area in Ajisu by the seashore thrived as a port town for the cargo vessel industry
during the Edo period until the beginning of the Showa period. As you may have noticed, the
old houses in Ajisu around the seashore do seem close together, and in the Edo period
through the Meiji period when wooden houses with thatched roofs were common, they really
suffered from repeated fires. Above all, a huge fire which took place in Nishijo district in
1877 (Meiji 10) devastated more than 160 houses. After the disaster some persons who
made fortune in cargo vessel industry began to build their houses with fire resisting plaster
wall and roofs with tiles, which just looked like warehouses. This is why such a unique
residential structure is called Igura-zukuri.

Igura-no-Yakata is a cultural asset open to the community and others. It is not only a
visitor facility but also a place for community involvement. At present we have focused our
attention on how to make good use of the Residence. If you are interested in utilizing this
facility for any kinds of events, exhibitions, performance or hands-on learning, we will be
very pleased to hear from you, whether residents in Yamaguchi or outside.We have already
held several events and exhibitions here; an early music instruments concert, Japanese
paper doll exhibition, Edo miniature handicrafts exhibition, etc. All the exhibits and activities
here can match or blend in with the scenery inside and outside the Residence


When you have a chance to make a trip to Yamaguchi, we suggest you stop by Ajisu to see
the Igura-zukuri, which is by the reclaimed Kirara-hama (Kirara Beach) of Ajisu,
It is about 15 minute driving from Shin-Yamaguchi (Ogori)
Station on the JR Shinkansen (bullet train) line, or it may be impressing
for you to ride the one-man operated train running between Shin-Yamaguchi and Ube on
the local Ube line to Ajisu, from which it takes 10 minute walking to us.

Open: 10:00-16:00        Closed: Wednesday, Thursday

Admission free  Igura-no-Yakata (Former Nakagawa Residence)

Ajisu 3245, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi-Pref.,          754-1277 JAPAN

E-mail: kyu-naka@c-able.ne.jp