OX Parts


OX Parts is a special kind of play equipment that lets everyone easily create spatial structures by arranging and combining a set of 36 pieces consisting of 4 types of 8 parts. OX Parts takes advantage of the hollow characteristic of bamboo and its natural shapes such as the arc and straight line.

The curve and cavity of bamboo not only give a constructed creation a delicate and light feeling but also promotes an expansion of onefs imagination, which facilitates the creation of a highly artistic space.

Moreover, OX Parts are comprised of circles, arcs, and straight lines which contain both the extreme elements of stability and instability. Therefore, a sense of proportion necessary for the accomplishment of formative art can be nourished while making the best use of these two elements while at play.

Shoichi Ishikawa, who is a current member of the Yamaguchi Prefectural University Cooperative Research Center, has focused his research on the formative expressions of infants. This play equipment was invented by him as a result of his long-term educational practice of utilizing bamboo, and was manufactured in joint research development with our company.


Features of OX Parts

E    OX Parts is suitable for producing abstract, artistic work.

E    The important sense of proportion for the work of formative art can be nurtured.

E    Less tendency of falling into a rigid idea, as a new work can easily and constantly be created.

E    Everyone from infant to elderly can enjoy as OX Parts affords interaction suited to onefs developmental stage.

E    Criteria for each part, such as the width and the length, are 30 mm in consideration of the size of an infant's hand.

E    OX Parts allows one to easily express the beauty of curvilinear spaces.

E    One can touch and play comfortably because OX Parts are processed without losing the feel of bamboo as much as possible. Moreover, a special coating is added to minimize slip even when the units are piled up.

E    The flexibility of each part is manufactured in consideration of the manipulative abilities of an infant.

E    OX Parts are harmless to humans or the environment.


How to play with OX Parts

OX Parts is manufactured to cherish a human image and spontaneous action generated while playing.  Therefore, there are no constraints on how to play.  One can play by combining a variety of parts or use only one part.  One can just keep OX Parts around to enjoy anytime. OX Parts, of course, also allows you to venture into the world of art.

We hope that you can develop a new world by being inventive in your own way by maximizing your sensibility from valuable stimulation received from the shape, weight and feel of OX Parts.

How to play with OX Parts is in the body of everybody.



Natural bamboo is used in this product, thus it might experience the occurrence of mold and/or cracks when placed in an extremely dry or highly humid condition.  Please keep OX Parts in a well-ventilated area as much as possible.


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